In the aftermath of Logan Paul’s infamous YouTube video, is it time to scale up from self-regulation?

25th January 2018 | Liz Munro

The uproar over the now infamous YouTube video filmed in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest of a man who apparently died by suicide may have come as a surprise to the vlogger behind it, Logan Paul. Those involved in traditional broadcasting, however, would have seen the public outcry coming a mile off. More surprising, though, is the anomalous regulatory stance of YouTube compared to linear broadcasters.

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Trump’s Profanity: How Broadcasters Walked the Line Between Accuracy and Offence

15th January 2018 | Liz Munro

When President Trump reportedly used the term ‘sh**hole countries’ (by now most people will be familiar with the actual words used so I won’t cause further offence by repeating them here), he not only insulted several nations and disparaged a continent, he also effectively threw the media a word bomb – how to cover the story […]

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