Talking Television

21st March 2019 | Liz Munro

I recently received an invitation to review the work of two groups of journalism students from Leicester’s De Montfort University (DMU) and Birmingham City University (BCU). I wasn’t sure what to expect before I got there, but the experience turned out to be both rewarding and […]

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Dial T for trouble? Phone numbers in TV drama

20th September 2018 | Liz Munro

An article in Radio Times made me chuckle because it was about viewers trying to call the mobile number which the character of David Budd read out in the penultimate episode of the Bodyguard. As a broadcast compliance consultant, I know phone numbers shown on TV can be a problem. However subliminal the reference to […]

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The Day My Compliance Blog Became Breaking News

19th February 2018 | Liz Munro

While browsing Ofcom’s website, I noticed that Al Arabiya, which had recently been fined £120,000 by Ofcom for breaching its broadcasting code, was listed as no longer possessing a license. As I had already blogged about the substantial fine imposed on them I decided to do a quick update on my website and on my Twitter account. This is what happened next…

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