Youtube Bans Dangerous Pranks After Flock of ‘Bird Box’ Dares

16th January 2019 | Liz Munro

Youtube has decided to tighten its community guidelines on dangerous pranks and challenges after a flock of Bird Box challenge imitators. Netflix’s horror movie, Bird Box, has characters navigating blindfolded to avoid seeing a monster and is the latest in a long line of content which has gone viral and sparked […]

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After £120,000 Ofcom fine, has Al Arabiya given up its licence ?

15th February 2018 | Liz Munro

In February 2018 Ofcom fined the Dubai based news channel, Al Arabiya, £120,000 for breaching fairness and privacy regulations. It seems the channel has now either voluntarily given up its licence to broadcast in the UK or had it revoked by Ofcom because its name has disappeared from the list of licensed services on Ofcom’s […]

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In the aftermath of Logan Paul’s infamous YouTube video, is it time to scale up from self-regulation?

25th January 2018 | Liz Munro

The uproar over the now infamous YouTube video filmed in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest of a man who apparently died by suicide may have come as a surprise to the vlogger behind it, Logan Paul. Those involved in traditional broadcasting, however, would have seen the public outcry coming a mile off. More surprising, though, is the anomalous regulatory stance of YouTube compared to linear broadcasters.

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Trump’s Profanity: How Broadcasters Walked the Line Between Accuracy and Offence

15th January 2018 | Liz Munro

When President Trump reportedly used the term ‘sh**hole countries’ (by now most people will be familiar with the actual words used so I won’t cause further offence by repeating them here), he not only insulted several nations and disparaged a continent, he also effectively threw the media a word bomb – how to cover the story […]

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Why Channel Four’s Hunted is a compliance minefield

11th November 2015 | seoadmin

However gripping the stories in Channel Four’s Hunted series, I’m afraid that as a compliance consultant I found my mind wandering to more esoteric questions such as what kind of agreements did its contributors sign before the programme-makers were allowed – apparently – to break into their houses and tap phone calls to their loved ones?

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