Dial T for trouble? Phone numbers in TV drama

20th September 2018 | Liz Munro

An article in Radio Times made me chuckle because it was about viewers trying to call the mobile number which the character of David Budd read out in the penultimate episode of the Bodyguard. As a broadcast compliance consultant, I know phone numbers shown on TV can be a problem. However subliminal the reference to […]

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Ausaf TV Licence Revocation

6th September 2018 | Liz Munro

Is this the first time Ofcom has revoked a licence before the channel even launched? NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF LICENCE NUMBER TLCS101719 HELD BY AUSAF UK LIMITED UNDER SECTION 3(3)(b) OF THE BROADCASTING ACT 1990 AND CONDITION 29(3)(c) OF THE LICENCE In an unusual step, Ofcom has announced it’s revoked a broadcast licence before the […]

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New Swathe of Community Radio Ofcom Licensing

| Liz Munro

After inviting expressions of interest from groups on applying for community radio licences last year, Ofcom has now whittled down the shortlist to 43 areas across the UK. Croydon, Carlisle, Hastings, Durham, Edinburgh, Enniskillen and Merthyr Tydfil are among the areas included. They were selected on the basis of 90 expressions of interest and used […]

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