Mind The Compliance Gap Between Youtube & Children’s TV

14th February 2018 | Liz Munro

An excellent Guardian article by Tim Walker about Children’s TV makes the point that while the UK broadcast regulator Ofcom, has been granted new powers regarding children’s public service programming, what many young people are viewing is the largely unregulated content on the internet…

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In the aftermath of Logan Paul’s infamous YouTube video, is it time to scale up from self-regulation?

25th January 2018 | Liz Munro

The uproar over the now infamous YouTube video filmed in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest of a man who apparently died by suicide may have come as a surprise to the vlogger behind it, Logan Paul. Those involved in traditional broadcasting, however, would have seen the public outcry coming a mile off. More surprising, though, is the anomalous regulatory stance of YouTube compared to linear broadcasters.

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