Trump’s Profanity: How Broadcasters Walked the Line Between Accuracy and Offence

15th January 2018 | Liz Munro

When President Trump reportedly used the term ‘sh**hole countries’ (by now most people will be familiar with the actual words used so I won’t cause further offence by repeating them here), he not only insulted several nations and disparaged a continent, he also effectively threw the media a word bomb – how to cover the story […]

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Why Channel Four’s Hunted is a compliance minefield

11th November 2015 | seoadmin

However gripping the stories in Channel Four’s Hunted series, I’m afraid that as a compliance consultant I found my mind wandering to more esoteric questions such as what kind of agreements did its contributors sign before the programme-makers were allowed – apparently – to break into their houses and tap phone calls to their loved ones?

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Britain’s Got More Talent ‘in breach’

9th September 2013 | Liz Munro

‘Britain’s Got More Talent’ has been found in breach of Ofcom’s watershed rules after featuring a burlesque performer who dropped her dress on stage leaving her modesty either pixellated (to the TV audience) or covered by a feather boa. The performer, Scarlet, was introduced to the judges wearing a full length sequinned dress, gloves and […]

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Hollyoaks violence breached rules and prompts Ofcom watershed warning to all broadcasters

28th August 2013 | Liz Munro

The Hollyoaks episode broadcast at 18:30 showed one of the main characters being beaten and violently killed by a speeding train. A viewer complained that the scene was unsuitable for broadcast before the watershed, particularly as children might have been watching. The scene in question marked the conclusion of a long running revenge story line between two characters: […]

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Blast 106 student radio found ‘in breach’ of its Ofcom licence

| Liz Munro

Radio Setup Blast 106, a community station for students, has been found in breach of its licence conditions by the broadcast regulator, Ofcom. The station, run by volunteers, was set up in July 2009 to serve students from Queens University, the University of Ulster and Belfast Metropolitan College and young people living, working or studying in Greater […]

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